Friday, 27 July 2007

Beer Marketing

A 56.6% increase of the visits, 8942 subscribers and a definite upward trend of the users (66.5%). What do you do when you get these facts if you’re a beer brand? Right. You invest a huge smack of money in a marketing campaign, create a dozen 3D webisodes of your virtual 3D brand mascotte and you launch a dedicated section for those fresh users to come and win prizes, and most of all, to bring their friends. You make it very modern and up-to-date by adding a ‘my’ before your brand name and off you go! That’s exactly the strategy behind MyCeres, the new social networking space branded Ceres beer, inspired by the more famous My Space or Windows Live Spaces. With MyCeres the users can create and customize their personal profile, invite friends to join, play and challenge the other subscribers to the “Fight Chen” duel (a face to face viral game), and add them to the friends list to exchange messages. MyCeres gives the opportunity to win a lot of gadgets, and the grand prize is 4 tickets to the paddock of Moto GP 2008 with the Team Honda Gresini. Time to brush up your Italian and explore the site.

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